My favorite habit: Write three positive things about today

I’ve been talking about this habit a lot recently and I thought it deserved its own blog post. It’s a really simple thing you can do to change how your brain scans the past. Rather than scan for negative, you’ll start scanning for the positive things, the little victories that you had throughout your day.

All you have to do is write down three positive things that happened to you that day.

In Evernote, I have a document called “Three Positive Things - December 2012” and in it each for each day, I have something that looks like this:


Matthew gave me a book on investing in the stock market and taught me a bunch

Brunch with Fabien, SheShe and Emily was a lot of fun

This was a nice, restful weekend

This habit comes from Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage where he suggests tiny changes you can make to your life to dramatically alter your happiness.

I also use Lift to log and monitor each time I do the habit. I created a community on Lift which is growing quickly where you can join and get support from peers who are trying to start and continue this habit in their lives.

I log my three positive things every night or if I forget, first thing in the morning. I’m not too strict about when I write my three things down, as long as I do it.

In terms of habits, this one is pretty easy to start and continue. It’s one of my favorite parts of each day, I hope it can be for you too!

What are your favorite habits? Let me know on Hacker News!

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